The Follows Increase, But The Cold Persists.

Lately, I have been getting about 1 or two emails a day telling me of a new follower that I have acquired. Hopefully those are real accounts that truly are looking to read what I have to say. I have thought that maybe it could be correlated to how I mentioned I wanted to make a video series about the Bible to give those that have a hard time reading another media of study. I still plan on doing just that, but my cold is still getting to me, and my voice has not recovered. I think I have passed the worse of it and will be coming back to reality in a few days. I miss singing and talking!

There is not much I have to say in this post, but the reassurance that I will still make the video series is one of them. This semester will mark a new year and hopefully be the beginning of acquired goals. I have a few things planned this semester, and some things, I already did.

My truck used to have large rust spots on the side of them. It was rotted due to the northern conditions it spent before me. It was quite the eyesore. So during Thanksgiving break, I decided to cut out the rust, grind out more rust, chemical convert the rust, fill the holes with foam and patch it up with fiberglass and body filler. During the end, my truck looked much better. My paint of choice was something that had to be extremely durable compared to regular paint. I chose using truck bed liner, and it turned out great. That eventually led me to plan on doing the whole truck in bed liner. I think it turned out great, but there were some mistakes. I used an angle grinder with a sanding attachment, and I did not realize how aggressive it would have been. Some spots were really ground down deep and unevenly. I did not realize that would have been a problem, until I painted the truck. In retrospect, it would have probably been better to have gotten a few people to just scuff it up with sanding sponges or blocks, or even a slower speed sander. Now my truck has a few spots that look patchy, but only because its not even. I might sand the paint down a bit, and reapply the liner to even it out more. During this whole time, I was racing the clock because the next day, it would have been cold, and the news said it would have rained as well. My truck was already scuffed, and this was my last chance with correct temperature ranges. I also had to use rattle cans because the spray gun I had could not handle the thickness of the bed liner in the gallon. Due to my rushing and maybe temperature, I got some spots that ran. I will eventually sand it down a bit and respray it to even it out.

Before doing this, I also took on the challenge of changing my timing chain, intake manifold gasket, and plenum pan gasket. This was due to a suspicion I had with where I was leaking oil and because I hated the rattle my truck would have. Since I had the engine taken apart, I decided to clean the parts out with purple power degreaser (highly recommend) and then paint them. Everything came out nice. And my oil pressure has not dropped after multiple 300+ mile trips between Oklahoma City and Fayetteville, Arkansas. I hope to use an engine sludge remover before the next oil change because I saw bad sludge when I was fixing my engine.

The next plans for my truck will be to clean the engine compartment, fix the belt squeak, find the knocking sound when I turn left, change transmission, make cold air intake, remove the engine blanket and paint under the hood with liner, put LEDs under the hood. Then I will deep clean the carpet of my truck and dye it black. I will dye the plastics black, seats black, make a custom center council, and make a custom back seat with new premium speakers. There will also be some red LEDs inside. Red trim on outside, red fender flares, leveling kit with axle under leaf back lift. And larger tires. I can add more because I am ambitious, but that is good for now.

I also bought a welder so I can make cool things. I hope to make a custom bumper soon for my truck. It will be sick.

This year, I will hopefully lose the weight that has plagued me for so long. I need to lose 40lbs of fat, and I know I can do that. Currently I am at 240lbs with unknown bodyfat percentage. At 200, I should at least see my abs.

I also will be making a lesson plan for a men’s retreat that I will be hosting. The theme will be Men’s ultimate adventure with God. It is supposed to pander to a male’s fascination with adventure, and knowing the best adventure is with God. I will try to use examples of men in the Bible that took on God’s adventure and how they benefited from it. It will be contrasted with other men that sought worldly adventure, which ultimately hurt them.

Last but not least, I was going to be part of my club’s spring sing act. It honestly is a pretty cool show that is going to be given. They picked out great songs and the choreography that I have see thus far is really good. For those of you that do not know what Spring Sing is, it is the tradition in schools associated with the churches of Christ that involves clubs preparing acts that include singing and dancing. They then compete with each other, and the best club wins. I was signed up for the full-time position, but today is “auditions,” which I am guessing means for spots that are more visible and upfront. I decided not to continue with Spring Sing this year, which it mostly came for no reason. I have no good reason why, other than I do not feel it. It could be because I have yet to truly know what Spring Sing is, or that I am not very coordinated, or that I am trying to recover from my cold still. Or maybe, I am just lazy and do not like all the sweating. Could also be that I am afraid to “try out” and not get a front spot, which I know would happen anyways. I am realistic here, but rejection always hurts. All of those are intimidating reasons for me, but I cannot tell you which one it is, because I do not know. One thing is certain, and that is I am at a mental low again, I have no reason to be, but these happen ever now and then. My motivation drops and I just become unproductive. But I cannot wait to see what my brothers have coming to the table for the competition. Kappa Sigma Tau! Faith, Fellowship, and Pride!

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