“I am here to either study, do a blog post, or socialize”


It’s Rushtember here at Oklahoma Christian, and honestly, its fun. This is my first semester here at OC, and I have really enjoyed the experience of it. Unfortunately, I do not live on campus so I cannot experience the true college experience that a regular student may experience. That being said, If I can find a way to get out of my lease early, then I will be quickly transitioning to the campus. I recently got a recommendation (a prescription) from my psychiatrist to have an emotional support animal (ESA). So now I am protected by the Fair Housing Act, and if I wanted to fly, I am protect by the Air Carrier Access Act. All of this means that I can live in housing that normally would not allow pets, or fly, without having to pay a pet fee or deposit. So now I can live on campus with my dog! Baxter is extremely well behaved, though. He’s the nicest dog you will ever meet. He does not have destructive anxiety traits when alone, other than occasionally pooping or peeing when I am gone. I am trying to train that out of him!

Anyways, here is a list of things that I decided to get involved in this semester:

  • Spiritual Life Committee (branch of the Student Government Association)
  • Talked to the head of the missions board thing (Ben Langford)
    • Hoping that we can coordinate something with the team in Olomouc to send over students.
  • and RUSH!!!!
    • I have been hanging out with the guys from different groups on campus.
    • These are the guys that I really enjoy hanging around with.
      • Chi Lambda Alpha
      • Delta Gamma Sigma
      • Alpha Gamma Omega

So now I am a typical college student experiencing the college experience… Yay!

This post was actually a collaboration of two different days of trying to study, but unable to. I came to The Brew, the coffee shop in the OC library, and lots of people look like they study, but honestly, I do not see how. It is always loud, and people here love to socialize! That is a third of the reason I come here (possibly a lot more). They have a beautiful drink here call the Desteiguer (des-tiger). It is drip coffee with two shots of espresso and steamed milk. There is a variation of it that is cold, but it’s not on the menu, and it is more of a custom order. It involves slowly dripping coffee on ice, then adding two shots of espresso and some milk. It is beautiful, and I hope that if I order it enough times, that it can then be named after me. Maybe it can be called the DesTony or the ToTeiguer (Toe Tiger). Unlikely, though.

Anyways, I came back to study early instead of speed reading before posting tomorrow, and that failed. I might read more before I go to sleep.

Rush has been fun. I have not been able to go to all the events, especially the ones before this last week. I still have gotten to meet a lot of people and painfully learn new names. The events have consisted of paint wars with face burning paint, campus golf (I missed it until the end because of class), late night whataburger runs, B-team intramural games, devotionals, capture the flag, and Babes, Boots, and BBQ (an event that I was the only one to wear cowboy boots and jorts). I may have twerked a bit at the last one (less than 3 seconds). Tomorrow will be the interviews where I will be getting interviewed by two of the social clubs. If my first pick accepts me, then I am in! I am excited, but am scared of the process.

Hello Chaunicie. Told you I might mention people from my experiences… I usually do not put their name down. Usually.

Anyways, I had a great conversation just now with a person that I met at the Babes, Boots, and BBQ (the name gets me because Bikes, Blues, and BBQ is going on in Fayetteville right now). We discussed theology, and long story short, that person is a straight heretic! Ha. No, not really. I really enjoyed it, even though I talked a large portion of the time. We discussed Greek, first declensions, the meaning of my tattoos, how 2+2 is fish (weird. This person is supposed to be a Math Ed major!), and Decartes. I enjoy having conversations about what people believe, and I really enjoy poking at people’s faith. I really hope to have more conversations in the future.

That has been my past week or two in a nutshell. Now, I shall retire. I’ll try and see if I can continue the conversation.

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