Sitting in my Room because of Rain

I have been meaning to write an update since I arrived to show the work that has been done thus far. I was actually going to write it the day I wrote the last post. Whoops….

Anyways, it has been 3 weeks since I arrived and I conquered jet lag! It has not taken me 3 weeks to conquer it. That was in a week. We went through orientation (the other intern and I) and were given our roles and responsibilities for what we needed to do here. This year is different than last year since there are a smaller quantity of responsibilities than last year, but it is largely due to the move to a new Zakladna (base location of the church). For a large portion of the time, I was painting the walls of the new place to a white. Good thing that the walls mostly were white before. There was little need for multiple coats due to that. Painting took a while because some areas could not be reached with our normal paint roller extensions. We faced death in the face in many of these areas! But after 2 weeks, we were done with most of the painting. The days of me being covered in paint are over! For now. We will still need to paint the old zakladna back to the original color, so I can at least relax for now.

During this work, I realized a few things. 1. I enjoy drywall work. Plaster is fun to use and work with. It is like being part of a delicate art project that takes more detail. I enjoy those types of works. 2. I really like work that involves more of an artistic touch! Painting may be boring to many people, but it can become so natural that it become a time to think. Though you may be painting, you can still think about life. I like to think.

The floors are work that are not as fun. Being on your hands and knees scrubbing grout and stains from the tile may become natural, but the pain is not! At first, we would wipe up the water with a mop. That would take at least a few buckets of water to remove all the soap and dirt using the mop. And that was only for a small area. I found it necessary to find a more efficient/alternative method in our cleaning so we can spend less time picking up the water. I decided to get a wet/dry vacuum, and let me tell you, it has been extremely convenient and has allowed us to clean the floors much faster! We still have another half of the floors to clean, but now we have a super useful tool.

We finished the camp dance a week or two ago. It did not take us long. We are creative masterminds in this type of field. We hope this dance will be loved just like the dance last year. According to a statistic that I made from 2 samples, the dance is 2% better than last year’s, and last year’s dance was 20% better than the year before’s dance. I call that a win. This year, we will not have a Walk of Lights. That has taken a large portion of our work load out compared to last year. So that was nice. The decorations for this year are quite standard. We started tracing the designs onto cardboard and today, we should be able to cut them out and start painting. The colors of the design are limited to only 3, and the main portion of our designs will only use black. That makes for faster decorations being made. I decided that our decorations should be significantly larger than last year’s. Last year, our main logo was large compared to the past, but this new logo will be YUGE. That one will take us a while to paint. Overall with the decorations, we are at least on par with last year, but we have ideas for posters to make this year. So it will be better than last year.

The workload has not been hard. I never expected it to be overwhelming. Last year, the responsibilities during orientation seemed like a lot, but after going through the internship I realized it was not much at all. I hope the other intern knows this as well. It really saves the mind from freaking out about everything.

I met many of my friends that I made from the past few years. I had many conversations with people about theological topics, and it is interesting to see where they are at in their thought processes. One conversation I had reminded me of myself before and during my first year of being Christian (which was almost 4 years ago). These conversations have been challenging because I need to find different ways to express what I man. I feel like my approach to things are usually using 1 or 2 methods. Everyone will not fall neatly under 1 or 2 approaches. There have been some conversations that have tried to change my view of the Bible, but I thank God that I have been grounded strong with scripture and knowing the passages that discusses the approach to interpreting scripture. It has made my life easier, and I know it would do the same for other. God is not a god of confusion, and his word brings understanding even to the simple.

I may be losing weight here. This will be the first time this has ever happened. Each year, I tend to gain weight while being here. This year, I feel like I have been able to deny the flesh by being master over my body and it’s wants. We will have to see if I can sustain this.

Overall, the trip has been great so far. I have enjoyed every second, and joy has just been abounding in me. The satisfaction I get here is a constant satisfaction because I know God’s work is being done, and my time here as a servant to the mission team is glorifying to God. Whether I do busy work behind the scenes, or am in front of everyone with announcements or joke telling, I know I glorify God and help to bring knowledge of his sacrifice to this world.

That’s it! I hope you have enjoyed this update

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