Welcome to the Family!

I guess my frequency of posting has not been the best. But in reality, not many may have noticed since I do not have a large following (burn! To myself….). Regardless, I will persevere and continue my work on this page. Even if one person is somehow affected by this blog, then I have already won! But back to the post!

Guess what?! There is a new member of the family. Two days ago, I found out I was going to be a dad. I went to church and told a few of my friends that I found out. I neglected to tell them that it was a dog. Many people looked at me with disbelief and surprise. That was my intention. I wanted to scare a few people. Tuesday afternoon, I get a phone call from the county animal shelter. Days before, I asked them to call me in case they get any small male dogs coming in. I wanted to be the first to know! Luckily, not many people fill out the form to get informed about things like that. I asked my supervisor if I could get out of my class early so I could get to the shelter before it closes. I was there and met this sweet boy (he’s around 21 in dog years). I told the people at the shelter that I needed the night to think about it and the next day I should make the decision. To be honest, at the time, I did see a beagle that had just arrived. I promised myself years ago that my first dog would be a beagle, but after meeting the little guy, I could not just leave him. That is why I did not fill an application that day.

I left the shelter, and instantly felt regret. I had just risked losing this lovable goof. I looked online and found the online application. I filled it out and submitted it. For the dog name, I just had to say the small white terrier. I forgot to see what name they had given him at the shelter. This was my only hope.

The next day, class got out around 2:50 and I rushed to the shelter. I needed to see if my application actually came in. I arrived and asked about my application, and one of the ladies said they saw that I filled out an application online. Another lady told me that I was approved! Success! I got to play with my homeboy for a little bit, and we bonded over dog treats, and playing fetch. If I stayed longer, he would have fallen asleep with me.

Soon he will be given to me after they neuter him. I hear that helps him grow calmer and lessens the testosterone induced behaviors. It also lessens the risk of testicular and testosterone related diseases and conditions. It is the law in Arkansas anyways. We do not want unwanted litters to overpopulate the state, and risk living a hard life of living on the streets, or never being adopted at a shelter. So spay and neuter you pets fam!

So, enough of this background information. I am proud to say:


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