300 a Day Push Up Challenge.

So this will be a shorter post that the usual that I make. But its about one of my fitness interests/activities that I hope to accomplish. Years ago, I thought I wanted to run a half marathon so I decided to train for that. Unfortunately, the trainers assume that you can actually run 3 miles at least in the first run! I was able to catch up, with the trainer. I was even able to do the 6 mile run at the end of the second week with my group. It turns out if I find someone that I can pace with, and can also be my competition, I will gain much more endurance to keep running. Well a few weeks later the 8 mile run was coming along, and I picked to run against the girl that previously would run cross country. Her pace was fast, and I was only able to keep up until 4.75 miles into the run. After that I was exhausted and could not even do a slow jog, the rest of the way. My legs were cramping, and my slow jogs afterward were miserable. The problem with my training was I could only run once a week. My schedule with classes and working at UPS stopped me from working the amount of time the trainer wanted me to. So I stopped. Since then, I have not really had a goal or activity fitness-wise that I wanted to do. My workouts would be the usual routine without any specific goal in mind. The only goal was to look ripped, but that motivation was not very high since I was only able to see soft abs for a few months, and I fluffied out again.

So that brings me to today! A few weeks ago, I was watching some youtube videos, and I would look at the recommendations that I would get relating to the videos that I have previously watched. There was one that said something like “300 day push-up challenge before and after.” I never watched it. Honestly, the recommendations that I get are youtubers that usually are very conceded and rude. Not my cup of tea. So I did not bother to click on it. But I thought, I am not working out as consistently as I used to, so maybe I should do something like the 300 push-up challenge and see what happens. This would be on top of my calorie deficit diet, same supplements, and workouts (if I ever get motivated to go again)(Hopefully, I will). The basic outline of the challenge is to do 300 push-ups a day, and do them every day for 30 days.

Today is day one of the challenge and I have 50 to go until I reach 300. Actually, I kind of missed the mark, because it is passed midnight and it would technically mean I have to do 350 today, but I will count it as the previous day. Anyways, I learned that if I split up the push-ups in a 12 hour period, then I would need to do 25 push-ups every hour. So I decided, I can do 50 every two hours. Maybe even sooner since I am quite impatient with exercise (especially cardio). I procrastinated today and did 50 mid-day, and left the rest for the last few hours before midnight. I still have 50 left, and I probably should take a shower, but I might just wake up earlier tomorrow to do that. I am not sure.

This is the ground zero post for this fitness journey of mine. I will be sharing with you my diet plan, workout routine, and supplementation (although its not super necessary) in the near future so you can see how the diet and workouts were affected by my challenge. I probably will not be super consistent with my regular workouts, but I will try. But today, I can say that it has not been too hard. I cannot do 75 push-ups at once without rest like I used to. I would be able to get into the 80’s under a minute with a little rest before the minute mark. Doing 50 right now is pretty hard, so lets see how it goes. I will try to update you every week, maybe? Not too confident about that.

But anyways, I need to finish my last 50! Adios!

* Update! 3/9/2017

I was not able to get past day 2. My muscles were getting super sore and I had no energy afterward to do even 30 straight. I’ll retry soon, but I failed miserably!

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