Ground Zero

So this is my first blog post! It is kind of an exciting thing to start this. Hopefully this is not a phase in life, but instead whenever I have ideas or rants, I will post them here.

So what will I be discussing today? There could be many things. I could talk about the American political situation – or not. I could discuss my diet and workout plan; my goals in fitness; how I am ALWAYS HUNGRY! Right at this moment, I am burning with intense hunger that only a family sized box of cereal and lots of ramen can fulfill!

I could post about what I recently realized. The true nature of True Love. It is quite poetic actually. I could make a movie out of it, while at the same time destroying all of the unreal fantasy that Disney movies and romance movies have given us.

I can discuss my theology on how people today tend to shape the bible to their own liking, but not acknowledge the verses that disagree with them. This one is a strong subject that I really would love to discuss, because it affects the vast majority of modern Christians today. I would even go so far and say that this problem is a large reason we have so much disunity in the church, and we have given the non-believing world reason to not like Christianity. I will save this gem for a later time. That will be for the deeper issues category of my blog.

I will talk about my outrageous hunger instead. It is intense.

Currently, I am sitting at work, doing nothing as usual. I am a library attendant for the university physics library, and let me tell you that no one needs my help. So the whole time I get to do homework, study for a class, snack (if I bring food), play on my phone, roam the internet to learn random things, etc. It is a pretty easy job especially in the mornings when no one comes to the library. This semester, my hours have been placed from 5-8:30PM on Mondays and 12-5PM on Tuesdays. My classes start at 10:45 on Mondays also. So a large portion of my day is spent with me not eating a proper meal. That is fine considering I have gone a week (7 days) without food, drinking only water. So this should be a piece of cake… Oh I love cake. I should have used another metaphor!

But I am always hungry. No matter if I have just eaten, or haven’t had food in days. I am just always hungry. I can go to a buffet (my favorite restaurants) and eat until it hurts, but then an hour later (sometimes less), I will be hungry again! I have been cursed with this constant hunger, but I hopefully will endure!

My hunger would not be so bad if it was not that I am currently in a calorie restricted diet. When I went to the Czech Republic, I gained 20lbs, but before then my body fat had climbed. I decided to put myself on a ketogenic diet to hopefully get ride of my fat and preserve my muscle.

If you do not know what the ketogenic diet is, I can explain in the best way I can. It is known as a Low Carb/High Fat (LCHF) diet that makes your body go into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a natural bodily function that happens when your body no longer has access to carbohydrates to make glucose for energy. Every night, we tend to go into this state of ketosis, but it is cut short when we eat breakfast. The idea behind the diet is you eat foods extremely low in carbohydrates so that the body cannot replenish the glycogen (stored glucose) into the muscles and liver. When the body runs out of glycogen, it will need another source of fuel or else it would be in a big pickle. Human would not be able to exist if we could not go into ketosis, because once the glycogen is gone, there is nothing fueling us.

Once the body has not more glycogen, then it will switch mechanisms turning both dietary fat and body fat into ketones within the liver. Ketones are the replacement for glucose that the liver makes to power our body. Many people say, including myself, that being in ketosis allows them to have better, more continuous focus compared to a high carbohydrate diet. Makes sense, because there is no insulin rollercoster like those in high carbohydrate diets.

Energy also tends to be better and runs smoother. If I have not eaten in a while, that is just fine, because my body can just use my own fat to keep me going. No bonking out, or hitting the wall for me! But the best thing also is bacon! Just kidding, though, it can be a favorite to many people. Ketogenic diets are protein sparing because once the body switches to ketones, it will prefer it instead. The body will not be making new glucose from the protein in the body since the body does not need it anymore.

Now people get Nutritional Ketosis (the one we want) and Diabetic Ketoacidosis (the one that is dangerous) mixed up. Nutritional ketosis is induced, but also does not pose a risk because the body has the ability to make enough insulin to transport the ketones to the cells. Diabetics on the other hand, specifically the ones that cannot produce or have trouble producing their own insulin, are at risk because the body cannot mobilize the ketones. This causes the blood to increase in acidity leading to acidosis. This is a very serious condition, that can lead to death. But if you do not have diabetes, you are fine!

If you would like to learn more about the diet and the science behind it, I recommend heading over to reddit and looking at /r/keto. They have a lot of good information on how to conduct and monitor your diet. They even include the sources to scientific articles that support the claims.

Enough about ketosis. Apparently, the keto diet is also naturally hunger suppressing. Eating the high amount of fat in the day is supposed to be very filling and slow down digestion. My body, unfortunately, is a beast at adapting, because I still feel so much hunger! It is not just any type of hunger, because if it was, I would pig out on cheese, broccoli, mushrooms, and chicken. No, this hunger is for a very specific group of foods. I NEED CARBS! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL CARBS! I know I do not need them, but I could totally eat a half gallon of dutch chocolate ice cream… and 4 packets of ramen… and a family sized box of frosted mini wheats… and cake donuts… and whipped cream with chocolate syrup mixed in (I know, sounds super sweet, but I love sweet!).

They say that if I just go a full month being perfectly in the ketogenic diet, then I will not be craving carbs anymore. My longest streak of perfect ketosis was just two weeks! How will I make it another two or three weeks? Maybe if I take enough supplements that I can either speed up the results, or be able to eat everything in sight without repercussions? Oh how I wish that I could be like people with high metabolisms or very little hunger. Why can I not eat what I want and stay slim? The world may never know!

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